About us
Lvaizhat is a hat collection brand, with the purpose of bringing our long-term focus and the hard-working and craftsman spirit to the worldwide.
The principle that lvaizhat follows: Inherit the spirit of craftsman!
Lvaizhat advocates: Enjoy work, enjoy life and share love!
Hats are no longer an accessory, but an expression of unwavering love and life attitude!!

Lvaizhat has been specializing in various versatile headwear design since 2015. Lvaizhat never stops pursuing improvements and making updates on our beanies and service. Good beanies speaks for themselves.The strict requirements to get rid of the old and bring forth the new drive us and make us who we are. Whether you are enjoying the sunlight on the summer beach or playing with the snow in cold winter or adventuring in the severe condition, we are always here to accompany you wherever your steps lead and protect you from scorchers to the chill!

Our products are manufactured in China. That said, we are constantly open to working with partners around the world who uphold our quality standards.

Company Name: Hefei Zibuyan Trade Co., Ltd. (CHINA limited company (ltd.))

Brand: Lvaiz

Address: Huguang Road, Independent Innovation Industry Base III (South) Block B 9-514, Hefei, 230000 Anhui, China

Phone:+86 16651618335 / +86 15715172001

Email: service@lvaizhat.com



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